Natural HumidiJar


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  • 140 pcs per case
  • Child Resistant
  • Designed for up to 1/8 oz of dried flower
  • Increase product Visibility

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Natural Humidijar™ is the first of its kind home compostable and plastic free cannabis packaging. In fact: utilizing a blend of bio-polymers, Natural Humidijars™ breakdown in any environment; leaving behind no micro-plastics as well as other environmental pollutants. Let’s significantly reduce our carbon footprint together.

Natural Humidijar™ is  ASTM certified, child resistant. Jars are an especially easy, convenient, and safe solution for packaging your premium flower products and stand out from the plastic crowd.

Learn more about our Naturals line, the first of its kind, home compostable cannabis packaging.

3oz Flat Bottom Child Resistant Glass Jar have 3mm thick walls. The height of the jar from bottom to lip of opening is: 2.10 inch by diameter 2.36 inches at body and 1.95 inches around threaded lip. Each case come with 140 jars per box. Suggested 3.5 grams of material for storage in this jar.

Compatible Lid

HumidiNatural Lid

Natural HumidiLid - 3/4 view

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