Our Mission

Our Mission is our Motto: “Changing the World Through Packaging”; with new sustainable options now available, we are working to provide fully sustainable products with easy to compost materials. We want to be a company to change the narrative on packaging and what it means to our environment. We take our responsibility seriously, when it comes to engaging with the world in a more meaningful way and delivering impact to future generations.


About Humidi.Co

Humidi.co, founded in 2019, began from seeing the need to have child resistant and tamper evident bags that would enable people to pack and store their items in a way that was cost effective and saved the buyer time and money. We saw the importance to create packaging that met or exceeded regulations, yet was easy to fill, so that the products could be sold into all emerging markets. We have worked to bring on board several new compliant products that meet the changing standards and regulation requirements of the ever-changing market.

When we look at trends in packaging for sustainable goods, there is a lack of materials that will adequately replicate or even replace the number one packaging materials used today; plastic. As we head into the future, it is becoming ever more evident that global trends are seeking to be more environmentally conscious, and we at Humidi.co are innovating products to meet these aspirations.

We build on the success of our parent company that has been in business for over 10 years. Contact us for more information on how we can meet your packaging needs and help you build your brand!

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Tamper Evident

Consumer peace-of-mind


Our packaging offers a variety of child resistant and tamper evident options saving product packers time and money by cutting down on processing and filling times while meeting ASTM standards. 

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Humidity Control

Humidity Monitoring and Control Devices


Our products are designed to help maintain optimal levels of relative humidity for cannabis and hemp products (59-63% RH);  proven to extend product shelf life, preserve terpene and cannabinoid profiles, and ensuring no nitrogen injection is required.

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Custom Design

Custom Designed Packaging and Solutions


Simple solutions for small to large businesses, scale and develop your brand with custom design, sizing, molding, printing, and labeling services. We also provide service and equipment options to automate packaging processes. Engage with our package design experts now to make your product stand out.

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