Flat Bottom 4oz Glass Jar


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4oz Flat Bottom Child Resistant Glass Jar have 3.22mm thick walls, The height of the jar from the bottom to the lip of the opening is 2.73 inch by diameter 2.34 inches at the body and 1.95 inches around the threaded lip. Each case comes with 140 jars per box.

Humidijars™ are  ASTM certified child resistant. Jars are an easy, convenient, and safe solution for packaging your premium products and to stand out from the plastic crowd

Learn more about our Naturals line, the first of its kind, home compostable packaging solution.

Increase product visibility with our clear Flat Bottom 4oz Glass Jar offering. Compatible with our Home Compostable HumidiNatural Lid.

Additional information

Weight 640 oz
Dimensions 19 × 13 × 13 in


Cap Pairing




Compatible Lids

HumidiNatural Lid

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