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Bring your brands to life with our in-house design and custom packaging solutions. From start to finish, big or small, we can help build your brand from the ground up or use existing designs to create stunning packaging. Ready for your brand to stand out from the crowd? Contact us today.™ Products


Humidibags™ are designed to be the most efficient, easy-to-fill bags on the market, saving time and money. Our patent-pending technology provides ease of use in processing and packaging flower.


Humidijars™ are designed to create the optimal atmosphere to store flower while retaining proper moisture content, ensuring your flower is as fresh as the day it was harvested.


Humidicaps™ are designed to house a two-way humidity control of your choice. This allows flower that is dry or has excess moisture to achieve an optimal range of moisture content.


Humidilids™ are offered in several different colors, material and style variations, giving your product maximum visibility on the shelf.


Humiditubes™ are designed to be child resistant. Pre-Roll Tubes are an easy, convenient, and safe solution for packaging pre-rolls.


We offer simple solutions for small to large businesses all the way to major co-packers. Our wide range of equipment is designed to help reduce processing times.

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