Custom Compostable HumidiBags

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New Custom Compostable HumidiBags™ - the perfect packaging solution for eco-conscious consumers and businesses. Our custom HumidiBags™ is the first fully compostable and plastic-free packaging on the market, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional plastic or mylar packaging.

Whether you're a large or small business looking to reduce your environmental impact or an eco-conscious consumer looking for sustainable packaging options, our custom compostable HumidiBags™ is a perfect choice. Join us in the fight against single-use plastic waste and make a positive impact on the environment today.

  • Quantities: 5,000 Bags MOQ
  • Color: Custom 
  • Custom Bag Designs: ORDER FORM
  • Size: Custom
  • CR: Yes
  • Material: Fully Compostable
  • Pinch n' Slide Zipper Closure: Seal Again and Again
  • Now Accepting Orders: Contact Sales or Call 530-478-0238

Wholesale Pricing Is Available: Contact or Call 530-478-0238

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24 reviews for Custom Compostable HumidiBags

  1. Antonette Sjodin

    Antonette Sjodin

  2. Kaylannie Salvano

    Kaylannie Salvano

  3. Dashley Sar moreno

    Dashley Sar moreno

  4. Kolter Berdondini

    Kolter Berdondini

  5. Lilja Barlindhaug

    Lilja Barlindhaug

  6. Arleatha Amaray

    Arleatha Amaray

  7. Beretta Halfen

    Beretta Halfen

  8. Ajsa Keehn

    Ajsa Keehn

  9. Elbis Madincea

    Elbis Madincea

  10. Trandon Dagan

    Trandon Dagan

  11. Burie Dornbos

    Burie Dornbos

  12. Carlis Palasan

    Carlis Palasan

  13. Aprillynn Mcswain

    Aprillynn Mcswain

  14. Adlia Dunivin

    Adlia Dunivin

  15. Jecenia Fortmeyer

    Jecenia Fortmeyer

  16. Timothie Rinehold

    Timothie Rinehold

  17. Tericka Mcvickers

    Tericka Mcvickers

  18. Jozelynn Drusin

    Jozelynn Drusin

  19. Eliyah Heatherman

    Eliyah Heatherman

  20. Theopolis Fiengo perez

    Theopolis Fiengo perez

  21. Sindy He

    Sindy He

  22. Carista Wegley

    Carista Wegley

  23. Michaelina Suastegui

    Michaelina Suastegui

  24. Aryanah Al ghurair

    Aryanah Al ghurair

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