How Much is the Earth Worth?

HumidiNaturals are designed with the earth in mind. Starting with our backyard compostable, bio-polymers, created from a natural blend of canola and plant based materials.

HumidiNaturals break down and acts as a food source for naturally occurring bacteria, negating the harmful environmental impact of traditional plastic.

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2020 Sustainable Leadership Award
2020 Sustainable Leadership Award

Sustainable Packaging

Compostable tube

HumidiNatural Tubes

116mm Pre-roll tubes

Compostable lid

HumidiNatural Lids

ASTM certified closures

Natural HumidiJars - Lid On

HumidiNatural Jars

Sustainable flower containers

3oz jar with shrink wrap

HumidiNatural Shrinks

Biodegradable shrink bands for jars and tubes

Ocean Plastic

An estimated 8 million tons of plastic are dumped in the ocean annually. At Humidi, we are working to change the narrative and impact of the cannabis industry on our environment.

The Natural Difference

HumidiNatural products use plant based bio-materials that break down and act as a food source for naturally occurring bacteria. Our products are bio-degradable and home compostable.

Part With Plastic

A traditional plastic product takes over 450 years to breakdown in a natural environment and leaves behind toxic chemicals and damaging microplastics.

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