How much is the Earth worth?

Cannabis Culture is based on the ideas of sustainability. Standard plastics available on the market are not sourced with concern for their environmental impacts; “National Geographic predicts that by 2050, there will be 12 billion metric tons of plastic at dump sites. As the legal cannabis industry grows, so too will the associated waste.” 

Current sustainable, bio-degradable packaging or PLA (plastics made from polylactic acid) mostly consists of packaging peanuts, cornstarch, mushroom, seaweed, recycled cardboard paper and eco-friendly and recycled plastics.

There are companies offering degradable products (that break down into micro plastics), recycled products (the same as traditional plastics), or bio-based (degrading too soon and not offering a stable shelf life) industrial compostable options, which need to be degraded in specialized facilities which aren’t yet readily available.

  • Amount of plastics actually recycled 8.4% 8.4%
  • Plastics that are or can be composted annually 0% 0%

Million tons of plastic pollution created annually

Million tons of plastic waste that pollute our oceans annually

Years for plastic to break-down

Years for HumidiNaturals to breakdown

Sourcing the solution: We develop all of our HumidiNatural products from backyard compostable bio-polymers known as PHA (polyhydroxyalkanoates). These are naturally occurring polymers that are crafted to break down in 14-18+ months in your home-compost pile. These materials break down naturally leaving behind no micro-plastic particulates. 

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