National Clean Up Weekend

National Cleanup Weekend

September 01, 2021

The third week of September is the annual National Cleanup Weekend, with communities from all across the U.S. coming together to contribute to trash and pollution cleanup in and around their surrounding areas. No matter how large or small your contribution is every little bit helps in the fight against plastic waste.

How can you help?

  • Sign up today for the California Coastal Cleanup Day. Saturday, September 18th, 2021
  • Register to participate in the National Cleanup, Saturday, September 18th, and report all of your trash cleanups from the weekend.
  • Pick up 1 piece of litter each day. If we all picked up just one piece of litter each day that would be over 1 billion pieces of garbage removed from the pollution cycle annually.

Thanks for helping to keep our beaches and outdoors clean and beautiful. – Team Humidi; Changing The World Through Packaging

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