Natural 98mm Pre-Roll Humiditube™


Home Compostable CR Pre-roll Tubes

  • 750 Tubes Per Case
  • 98mm Tubes
  • Fits up to a regular joint or vape cartridge
  • Home Compostable
  • Industrial Compostable
  • Fresh/Marine Water Biodegradable
  • Soil Biodegradable
  • Colors: Natural Tan, Black, White
  • Custom Colors: Contact
  • Material: PHA
  • HumidiNaturals raw materials are TUV certified home compostable & biodegradable in all mediums
  • 100% Grown & Made in the USA
  • Food Safe
  • Wholesale pricing available. Contact

Natural Humiditubes™ are the first of its kind home compostable and plastic-free pre-roll packaging. In fact: utilizing a blend of bio-polymers known as PHA, Natural Humiditubes™ breakdown in a microbial environment; leaving behind no microplastics as well as other environmental pollutants in 1-2 years. Let’s significantly reduce our carbon footprint together.

All 98mm Pre-Roll Humiditubes™ are ASTM certified, child-resistant. Pre-roll tubes are an especially easy, convenient, and safe solution for packaging your premium flower and concentrate products, and to stand out from the plastic crowd.

Learn more about our Naturals line, the first of its kind, home compostable cannabis packaging.

Wholesale pricing available. Contact

Additional information

Weight 336 oz
Dimensions 21 × 12 × 12 in

Natural Tan, Black, White



TUV Certified Home Compostable

The raw materials used in HumidiNaturals™, the first fully sustainable and biodegradable alternative cannabis packaging solutions, are TUV Certified as biodegradable and compostable in all mediums, including soil, compost, freshwater and saltwater environments.


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